Terms of Use and Copyright

Non-industrial commercial license.

You are authorized to use these graphics in personal projects or make them for sale in your own studio or print shop.

You may use them in your own projects, however you must not offer them in Digital formats in any other graphic collection, on any website, individually, nor for sale or free distribution.

It is also not allowed to alter the original files or offer them as if they were your property.

If you wish to use these graphics in layouts and projects, submitting them to a magazine or any other publication will need to be given due credit to Hally Designer.

All these graphics and images are the exclusive property of Hally Designer with all copyrights reserved.

All Hally Designer graphics and images are copyrighted.


You can use these graphics to make them in your print shop or workshop and print them on your products in small, non-industrial runs and on your PERSONAL scrapbook pages.

You can change the size and color of these graphics to suit your personal scrapbooking needs.


You cannot claim these graphics as your own.
You cannot change these graphics and then claim they are yours.
You cannot use these graphics to add them to your own to claim they are yours.

YOU MAY NOT transform any Hally Designer graphic into tubes, cliparts or brushes for use in graphic programs like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop etc... and redistribute them in digital format in any way.

You may not offer any image of Hally Designer's graphics on any website for download, or upload to mailing lists, Internet communities, Yahoo Groups or any other means.

YOU MAY NOT use these graphics for commercial purposes in neither a digital format.
YOU MAY NOT reproduce these graphics on digital embroidery for resale.
YOU CANNOT make stamps with these graphics.
If you have any questions, please contact us.