Common questions

What are the forms of payment?

The available payment methods are PayPal and Pagseguro. Choosing one of these methods you will have the option to pay with a bank slip or credit card. We do not accept online debit or deposit/bank transfer as a form of payment.

How will I receive the templates?

Once the payment is identified, the purchased files will be sent to your registered email address and are available in your account, so you can download the purchased pattern files. We emphasize that we do not ship any physical product via mail, all sales refer only to files that will be made available for download.

How to download files?

To download files purchased from our store, follow these steps: - Access our website: - login by clicking on "ENTRAR" - After login, click on "MEU ORDERS" - All files purchased and that payment has been approved will be available for download on this page.

Is the download of files valid?

Yes. After making the purchase in our store and having the payment confirmed, you can download each file 5 (five) times or within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days (whichever comes first). After these limits, a new purchase must be made if you want to download again.

What is .DXF, .SVG, .STL, .OBJ, .STUDIO and .S3D ?

These are file formats that can be read by your cutting plotter and 3D printer. The SVG format can be opened in Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (paid version). We make the DXF format available to users who have the free version of Silhouette Studio. The .STL and .OBJ formats can be opened in Silhouette 3D. The .STUDIO and .S3D format are Silhouette's native file formats, and we do not sell files in this format.

Why don't you sell files in .STUDIO and S3D format?

The .studio and s3d format is for Silhouette America's exclusive use, so we cannot sell files in these formats. To buy .studio and s3d files you must go to the Silhouette America sales channel (Silhouette Online Store).

How to open files in Silhouette Studio?

Unzip the .zip with a file decompressor of your choice, inside it there are PNG and DXF files, click on the chosen file, hold and drag it into Silhouette Studio,

For A4 format files set the dimensions of the 2 files to 210 X 297 pixels and center them over each other on the page.

How to open files in Silhouette 3D?

Unzip the .zip with a file decompressor of your choice, inside it there will be .STL or .OBJ files, click on the chosen file, hold and drag it into the Silhouette 3D. Or if you prefer, with Silhouette 3D already open, click on File > Open > choose the desired file, then define the desired Size, always remembering to respect your equipment's usage margins and that's it!

How can I make sure the mold file is the right size?

Along with the templates, we send a .PNG file. This File contains the size that the file should be of L (Width) and H (Height). Just leave the cut file with these measurements and it will be the correct size. Remember that the file in .svg format comes with the right size, but it can only be opened in the paid version of Silhouette Studio (The Designer Edition or Business Edition). these standards do not apply for files in .stl and .obj format usable in Silhouette 3D these formats must be sized by the user as they do not have a predetermined size.